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Leaders International – Youth Social Action

BBC Children in Need Youth Social Action Fund , funded NI Youth Forum to carry out a youth social action project with young people who have experiences of seeking asylum and safety in NI. The fund enabled NIYF to build young people’s confidence and skills, it also empowered them to take an active and leading role in developing solutions to issues which affect their lives and their communities.

The Leaders International Project successfully engaged with an inspiring group of young people who were actively seeking asylum and safety in NI. The programme has effectively and purposely helped to reduce the isolation and loneliness they feel, has created opportunities for the young people to engage in fun and meaningful activities and has allowed them once again to enjoy life and it has also helped to increase their self-esteem and confidence.

The young people designed, created, and published an educational resource in the form of a booklet to help other young people who are seeking asylum and safety in NI. The Educational Resource highlights services and opportunities that are available to them here in the wider Belfast/NI area. The group identified certain areas/themes that were important for them when they arrived in NI and researched what these services and organisations could offer young asylum seekers. The resource lists the name of the organisations, their contact information and also what the organisation can offer young people who are seeking asylum. The resource under each of these themes also highlights their rights under the UNCRC and identified a Key Ask for those who make decisions for young people.

The short film – Finding Home - created by the group, helps to amplify their voices about their experiences of the project and its impact, and members of the group also share their experiences of seeking asylum and highlights the Educational Resource in more detail. This resource will be available in many of the Belfast hotel sites where young asylum seekers are living with their families when they arrive in NI and available in some of the FE Colleges where young asylum seekers are studying.

For more information please contact Louisa Ward , Senior Youth Work Manager – louisa.ward@niyf.org