Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Foreign Affairs

Project Description

This project will be delivered over a 12-month period; we will target areas that have experienced high levels of sectarian and racial crimes, incidents and tensions; and areas, which have weak community infrastructure. We have proposed areas based on our knowledge of issues at a community level; engagement with the local community; advice and support from the community representatives.

The Youth Forum, will target 6 local communities and recruit between 10 – 20 young people in each area who will engage in a personal development and peace building programme. Young people will be aged 14-20 and be identified as at risk. They will be targeted by local contacts in partnership with Youth Forum Staff and through outreach and detached work where necessary.

In addition young people from each of the areas will be offered the opportunity to engage with us to be trained as a team of Peer Mentors. 12 young people will be chosen (2 from each of the 6 areas) and they will partake in an OCN 3 programme in Future Leadership and a range of other training to equip them with the necessary skills to engage and work with their peers, on areas of personal development, peace building, etc.

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