The NIHE Youth Forum has been operational since 2018, with NIYF’s relationship with NIHE dating back to 2008. The relationship and this project have continued to go from strength to strength.

This year’s NIHE Youth Forum has been extremely active with young people engaging in personal and social development, strategic representation, social action, and leadership.

Young people have completed bespoke training to expand their knowledge and equip them to speak truth to power. This training has helped young people develop an understanding of Community Development, Leadership, Committee structures & Code of conduct.

The work of the NIHE Youth Forum enables youth voices to be promoted within the Housing Executive. As such we engage with and hold seats on Housing Community Networks and the Central Housing Forum.

The impact of this work has included enabling young people to shape and influence policy in relation to housing, as well as enabling social action through community-based activity where young people worked with The People’s Kitchen to support people living in poverty.

Our relationship with the NIHE is recognized internationally as one that enables young people to work directly with a public body to effect change.

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