Participation & Decision Making

Participation & Decision Making

Project Description

Young People have consistently called for improved opportunities to have their voices heard. 

We are asking if government are serious about hearing the voices of young people. 

Often the Rhetoric does not reflect the Reality. This must change. Young people deserve better.

We have set out our 4 point plan to enhance young people’s voices in decision making:

1) School Decision Making: We are calling for schools councils to be made mandatory in all schools. 

2) Community Decision Making: We are calling for Shadow Youth Councils to be made mandatory in every council area in NI. 

3) Government: We call for a Local Youth Assembly, which will give young people the space to consider issues important to them and influence the policy making process. Currently NI is the only region on the Islands of Ireland / UK / GB  to have never had a Youth Assembly. 

This is not good enough! Money has been used as the excuse but we have proposals that are cost effective and realistic. Its time for Stormont to listen to these. 

4) Democracy: We are calling for a lowering of the voting age to 16.
Young people have consistently expressed their wishes to participate in democracy. We are disenfranchised and voiceless due to our exclusion from voting.