Sustaining Tenancies

Sustaining Tenancies

Project Description

Supported through NIHE Sustaining Tenancies Funding we have employed a Youth Work Trainee to work with young people to sustain their tenancies. We are acutely aware that young people’s support needs are not getting met. As such we identified a gap in housing support in relation to the sustainment of tenancies for those aged 18-30.

Over the year we have supported 20 young people through housing advice, signposting, and practical support in various communalities across NI. 14 young people have been supported one a one-one capacity to sustain tenancies and the impact of the program has resulted in young people sustaining their tenancies.

The youth work relationship has been key to the success of the project. The youth worker has created trust with tenant allowing them access the wrap around support needed. NIHE staff have also been key to this, and their partnership and support has been part of the foundation of this important project.

Young people engaging on NIYF projects have been offered the opportunity to participate on a Sustaining Tenancies OCN qualification 7th & 8th March. Our first ever housing qualification! Exciting times for those interested in taking part. If you would like more information, contact