The Change Project

The Change Project

Project Description

The Change Project is a thought-provoking homelessness awareness-raising workshop aimed at Secondary schools, Youth Organisations and Alternative Education funded under DFC. The workshop is designed to be both engaging and interactive, with the primary goal of raising awareness about the issue of homelessness in Northern Ireland. Additional workshop objectives include exploring the various types of homelessness, educating young people on their housing and overall rights, and informing them about the NIHE point system.  

The workshop will feature videos curated to showcase the real-life experiences of young people who have been impacted by homelessness, alongside the inspirational story of a youth apprentice who overcame homelessness, housing issues and became a role model for others. The workshop will provide participants with vital links and informative resources on what to do in case of a similar situation. 

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The project provides peer support as well as working with key services providers such as Alternative Education Projects and schools to deliver workshops and information that can help prevent homelessness.