Electoral Commission – Youth Engagement Panel

The Electoral Commission Youth Voice Network is a group of young people who want to learn more about or have an interest in promoting politics and democracy to young people. This has included:

  • Teambuilding
  • Understanding what the Electoral Commission is and what role they play
  • Consultations on campaigns, messaging & social media
  • What is Democracy and what does it mean to us?
  • Government systems and what roles & responsibilities they have

So far, this group has ensured that information and resources are young-person-friendly by ensuring that it meets everyone’s needs and that young people, and adults, can understand the language used, rather than being filled with political jargon which some people may struggle to understand. 

As a group, we want to have our say in a meaningful way by influencing politicians and encouraging young people to actively involve themselves more in democracy, however big or small a role they feel that they can or want to play.

To find out more information about this project please feel free to contact – lauren.mcareavey@niyf.org