‘Welcome To Your Vote Week’ is a campaign run by the Electoral Commission to encourage everyone to become more active in local democracy and is a week dedicated to marking the voice of everyone in politics. We focus on “Your vote” because voting is one of the main ways we can take part in the democratic process and affect the change we want to see in society.

This year, the theme of welcome to Your Vote Week is ‘Your Voice Matters’. ‘Your Voice Matters’ is both a reminder and a call for action to ensure that everyone has a place in our democratic society.

NIYF in partnership with the Electoral Commission held an event in Parliament Buildings on Monday 29th January 2024 through which we hoped to build awareness of the importance of voting, encourage people to register to vote, and promote active citizenship and engagement with politics and democracy, especially among minority groups in society that may feel their voices are lost within systems and feel the most alienated. This includes young people, who often feel that their views are overlooked and undervalued in the political decision-making process.

Welcome To Your Vote Week is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of taking an active role in our communities and using your voice to speak up and tackle the issues that matter most to us.

We encourage you to use this video and poster to raise awareness of ‘Welcome To Your Vote Week’ within schools, youth organisations, and wider society and to encourage people to register to vote and become active citizens.

If you have any queries about this project please feel free to contact – lauren.mcareavey@niyf.org