Young Women’s Wellness Programme

Young Women’s Wellness Programme

Project Description

The Pilgrim Trust supports NIYF to deliver a targeted programme to young women to meet their needs.

We seek to amplify the voices of young women through our influencing work, where lived experiences can shape policy and systematic change.

Young people fed back that our wellness programme has been extremely significant in their lives – particularly young mothers who otherwise had little or no other outlet our support.

They have fed back that the programme has supported them in taking ownership of their life through learning how to feel safe in their body, connected, grounded and ready for genuine, long-lasting emotional transformation.

We want to continue to develop this gender-specific programme and promote the voices of young women and personal, peer, community and societal levels.

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Meet the Staff

We recognise the sharp rise in the prevalence of mental health problems among women. In particular, young women have emerged as the most likely group of people to develop mental ill health. Over a quarter of them experience mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and self-harming – almost three times the rate of young men (UK-wide). There is also evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on young women.

Social factors, including lower income, caring responsibilities, as well as the trauma of domestic and sexual abuse, all contribute to the mental health problems experienced by young women.
Their situation may worsen when inequalities linked to race, ethnicity, sexuality, immigration status, disability and other factors, lead to reduced access to appropriate services.

This project enables us to deliver direct services to young women and help build an evidence base broader influencing work nationally and regionally.

We offer this support through collaboration with others, providing structured group work programmes, offering one-to-one and adopting a peer approach.