At present Shared voices project is a brand new exciting project working in partnership with Mencap youth NI.

The focus off this programme is to use drama to tell their story off issues that are effecting young women both personal and societal!

This is an inclusive and diverse group made up of 12 young women 6 from NIYF and 6 from Mencap.

The group meet on a weekly basis on a Tuesday evening starting off with team building and personal and social development sessions that will then lead into the pre work sessions with a director who will help the young women write a script and showcase their piece!

We are really looking forward to the finish product off this drama piece and hope that this will be a model off practice for future growth and learning within collaboration work

We recognise the sharp rise in the prevalence of mental health problems among women. In particular, young women have emerged as the most likely group of people to develop mental ill health. Over a quarter of them experience mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and self-harming – almost three times the rate of young men (UK-wide). There is also evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on young women.

Social factors, including lower income, caring responsibilities, as well as the trauma of domestic and sexual abuse, all contribute to the mental health problems experienced by young women.
Their situation may worsen when inequalities linked to race, ethnicity, sexuality, immigration status, disability, and other factors, lead to reduced access to appropriate services.

This project enables us to deliver direct services to young women and help build an evidence base broader influencing work nationally and regionally.

We offer this support through collaboration with others, providing structured group work programs, offering one-to-one, and adopting a peer approach. The residentials on the project have been memorable with the young women identifying them as the highlight of the experience. Please check out one of our residential videos below

The project offers young women a safe space to work on their mental well-being and take the next steps in life. Our one-to-one support service helps young women through some of the toughest days, we recognise these young women are on a journey and we strive to play a part in assisting them in fulfilling their potential.

At present we are working with two fantastic groups of young women, The first is our young mum’s project which meets on a Monday afternoon, and our Thursday night group. This diverse group is made up of young women who have found themselves homeless and newcomers to the community.

Our exciting work with young women has resulted in being part of the Ending Violence against Women and Girls Strategy led by The Executive Office.

This fantastic work is funded by the Pilgrim Trust and Henry Smith Charity. Feel free to check out the recent research report below conducted by The Centre for Mental Health and commissioned by the Pilgrim Trust. We were one of the 10 funded projects that fed into this report.

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