Youth Unemployment

Youth Unemployment

Project Description

There are more Young People leaving Ireland to seek work now than ever before.

Around one in every 4 young people are unemployed.

Government is arguably doing very little to invest in our future. Young people want more!

The Department for Employment and Learning, has responded to this crisis by introducing the Youth Employment Scheme.

NIYF believes that this should be only a first step, and that you should introduce larger and more ambitious employment measures for young people.

These should include job creation projects specifically for young people and additional apprenticeship and traineeship funding tailored for the local economy.

We believe that, in order to fund these ventures, you should lobby the European Commission for funding in the spirit of the EU Youth Guarantee Scheme.

We are in the process of pulling together details on what a Youth Guarantee would look like. We need your help!!

NIYF Youth Gaurantee

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