North South Youth Forum

Northern #NorthSouthYouthForum

Last night we wrapped up our Northern #NorthSouthYouthForum group by… Evaluating our event and workshop input from all our attendees! Reflecting on the journey of the NSYF over the last year! Looking to the future and what it may hold! A yummy celebration dinner! Well done to all our NSYF members - we’re so proud of all your achievements and...

North South Youth Forum

North South Youth Forum Yesterday the North South Youth Forum presented to the Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement Here is Eric from Youth Work Ireland Galway presenting our opening statement and talking about the challenges of mis and dis information to young people #PromotingYouthVoice #YourVoiceMatters #NorthSouthYouthForum

Irish Foreign Ministry – North South Youth Forum

Irish Foreign MinistryThis week Arón & Lauren delivered Democracy and Lobbying training to our North South Youth Forum Youth Work Ireland Galway group! Some amazing discussions were had and now that’s everyone trained up we’re excited for our next step of #SpeakingTruthToPower! #NorthSouthYouthForum #NSYF Irish Foreign Ministry