NIYF Executive Committee 2016-18 Elected

NIYF Executive Committee 2016-18 Elected

We are delighted to announce the names of NIYF Executive Committee for 2016-18. These amazing young people put themselves forward as candidates, and were voted onto our Executive Committee for 2016-18 at our AGM on Saturday 1st October 2016.

Congratulations on your appointments everyone, we look forward to working alongside you for your 2 year term.

Tara Grace Connolly ( Chairperson)

AnneMarie Hesketh (Vice-Chairperson)

Ross Connolly (Hon. Secretary)

Rebecca Russell (Treasurer)

Alex Curry (Trustee)

Conor McAfee (Trustee)

James Roy (Trustee)

Joe Higginson (Trustee)

Peter Mogey (Trustee)

Phil Mitchell (Trustee)

Tanya Hamill (Trustee)




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