Youth Manifesto 

Youth Manifesto 

As the Elections near NIYF would suggest that now is a great time to remind our politicians of the issues that matter to young people.

The Youth Congress has developed its own manifesto and we are asking that election hopefuls take notice of the issues for young people.

Our question to them is ‘what can you offer young people if elected?

We would urge you to ask the key questions when candidates are at your doorstep:

  • Do you support better mental health services for young people?
  • Do you support the call for a Youth Assembly?
  • Do you support the creation of a society where children and young people are free
    from all kinds of discrimination; religious, sectarian, age-based, racial or otherwise?
  • Do you support the call for votes at 16?

Have a look at our manifesto and use this time to bring about positive change for young people.


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