Become a Young Voter Champion

Become a Young Voter Champion



Are you 16-25 years old?

Would you like to help young people have a stronger voice in society?

Become a Young Voter Champion

 The League of Young Voters is a UK-wide campaign to get young people voting – and voting in huge numbers.

We are aiming to get:

1.5 million more young people to join the electoral register

1.2 million more young people to vote by the end of 2015

At least 60% of 16 and 17 year olds voting in the Scottish Referendum

A clear improvement in the way all major political parties communicate with young people

 If 1.2 million more 18-24 year olds vote in the General Election, then the same percentage of young people will be voting as the 25 – 34 age group. 

The campaign covers the elections for Local Government and the European Parliament in May 2014, the Scottish Referendum in September 2014, and the UK General Election in 2015. 

Check out the Y vote video 

As a Young Voter Champion your role is to:

Get at least 50 young people registered to vote

Get young people voting in the European election

Find out what young people think about elections and voting

Share your action and other members action through the League’s social media

Take part in shared campaign actions leading up to the European election

 We want you to be as bold and creative as possible to reach out and get as many young people registering and voting as possible. 

We also hope you will stay involved for the whole campaign, through the Scottish Referendum – when 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote – and up to the UK general election in 2015.  

 As a Voter Champion you will get:

 £30 towards your activities

A League of Young Voters T-shirt 

Promotional materials and merchandise

Support from a campaign helpdesk 

Opportunities for further involvement

Recognition of your involvement through BYC and League of Young Voters media 

 If you are interested in being involved NIYF is holding a Spark Event for Young Voter Champions on 19th April 12-4pm, lunch provided. To book your place please contact Claire or Michelle on 02890 331990 or email





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