A Flicker of Hope and Inspiration – Flame Club Lights the Way

A Flicker of Hope and Inspiration – Flame Club Lights the Way

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This Saturday will see Flame Club (formerly Star of the Sea Youth Club) in Portstewart have their first open night aimed at encouraging more young people to get involved in the club, since it’s rebranding and reopening.

It closed down last April because of dwindling numbers but a group of young volunteers from the area formed a leadership group and have worked hard to re-open its doors. Now Flame Club is having a very special Open Night on Saturday, March 29 at Star of the Sea Parish Hall to celebrate its rebirth and encourage young people from the area to come along.

Project leader Danny Wilson said: “We all enjoy giving something back to the community. It is a really fun youth group and it’s great to see to the young people growing and developing into youth leaders themselves.”

One of the youth leaders, Megan Doherty said the plan to re-open the club was hatched when she was chosen to take part in an eight-week apprenticeship run by the Champions 4 Change Project. Megan said: “After I was asked to take part in the Champions 4 Change apprenticeship I decided to use my time building up and rebranding the Flame Club …We chose the name ‘Flame’ because we aim to kindle the light inside each person, child or leader. All our games and workshops are focused on bringing the children out of themselves to shine with confidence and enthusiasm while making friends, learning new skills and having fun!”


Champions 4 Change Participation Worker Michelle Nolan praised the efforts of Megan and her colleagues in the leadership team, Danny Wilson, Avril O’Donovan, and Paddy Doherty. She said: “Megan was very passionate about working to ensure the future of the youth club. Champions for Change funded her eight-week post and also helped to resource the rebranding and new logos. The Flame leaders are an inspirational group of young people who have a lot of vision, focus and dedication working with their peers and with younger children.”


Flame has now been open since January and operates on Friday nights from 6pm to 8pm for children aged 9-14. It is a Christian-based club and is open to everyone. The club organises a range of fun activities such as drama, singing, arts and crafts, cooking, sport and interactive games. There are also educational workshops on programmes such as fighting against racism, prejudice and sectarianism.


For more information visit: http://northdownconoryouthproject.webeden.co.uk/  and http://niyf.oininteractive.com/champions-4-change/


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