Believe In Youth Impacts On Alcohol

Believe In Youth Impacts On Alcohol


The Northern Ireland Youth Forum in partnership with Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre aims to reduce the harm caused by alcohol to young people in the Northern Health and Social care Trust area.

The programme is funded by the BIG Lottery Fund and is part of the Impact on Alcohol Initiative being managed by the NHSCT. The BELIEVE in YOUTH programme is a peer education programme which aims to inform young people about the dangers of alcohol in order that they can make informed and healthy decisions about their alcohol use.

The programmes isn’t saying “Just Say NO” because it aware that that doesn’t always work, and that ultimately the person who will decide if and how a young person uses/ abuses alcohol will be that young person. They should be provided with information so that those decisions can be informed. For example the earlier you drink the more damage you do, people who drink before the age of 15 are more likely to experience drink related physical / emotional and mental health problems in later life.

Also if young people drink they should not “Binge Drink” it does more Damage. “IF YOU CHOSE TO USE DON’T ABUSE”. Between now and April 2016 the programme will provide Street Based, Developmental and Community Champions Training across the 10 Council Areas within the NHSCT, starting in the Ballymena area in January 2014, so if you are interested in finding out more, getting involved or suggesting an area where the project might be of benefit please contact Maurice McLaughlin, BIY Coordinator 07587880386.

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