End Age Discrimination

End Age Discrimination

Our politicians are working on making a law that will protect our rights as consumers and service users. This means that anytime you go into a shop; leisure centre; cinema; doctor’s surgery or anywhere really, your rights will be protected.  

Some of the politicians do not want this law to include people who are under 18. We feel strongly that this can not happen. We need to end age discrimination

Why should young people be denied entry into shops; followed around shopping centres; asked to leave their bags at the door; not have adequate access health services; or be discriminated against just because of age? 

We can not let this happen. There will be a protest at Stormont on the 2nd April at 1pm to highlight to politicians that this is important to us. 

Please join us and have your say. Assemble at Stormont at 1pm. Bus leaving NIYF at 12.20pm. For further enquiries contact info@niyf.org

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