NIYF Partner with Student Union movement

NIYF Partner with Student Union movement

nus usi logoNUS-USI and NIYF signed an historic new partnership agreement based on collaborative campaigning activity. The partnership agreement was signed at the inaugural Annual Sitting of the Northern Ireland Youth Congress at Parliament Buildings, Stormont on the 25th November 2015.
NUS-USI President Fergal McFerran, commenting on the agreement said, “Today I’m proud to begin a new chapter of the relationship between our two movements. This partnership is recognition of the fact that the reasons we demand a fairer and more equal world, and champion an accessible and student-centred education system is not just for the benefit of our current students, but more importantly for those coming after us too.”

The partnership agreement recognises the significant crossover of membership between the two organisations and our shared belief in the public value of education, the importance of creating a more cohesive community and the need for democratic participation from young people and students in Northern Ireland, on campuses and in wider community.

Matthew Carson, Chairperson of the NIYF said, “I’m delighted to sign this historic partnership agreement between our two organisations. Throughout the long history of NIYF and NUS-USI, we have stood shoulder to shoulder on many issues. This agreement puts our mutual partnership and solidarity on a formal footing and will be instrumental in ensuring that young people’s voices are heard now and into the future. ”


Please find a copy of the agreement at:



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