Youth Champion Award BYC

Youth Champion Award BYC

Has a local politician made a significant effort to engage with you and other young people?
You an nominate them for a Youth Champion Award from the British Youth Council. We want to recognise public representatives who stand up for young people and listen carefully to our views!
In addition to this we want to collect all the great examples of exciting ways politicians are engaging with young people and use it to create a good practice guide for elected representatives on how they can do the same.
Check out the quick application form attached below and send it in by the 16th November 2015!

Youth on Board Youth Champion Award Application

The British Youth Council’s ‘Young Ambassadors’ have launched an award celebrating the work of politicians in engaging, supporting, and advocating for young people across the UK.

The ‘Youth Champion’ Award will provide recognition by young people of initiatives implemented by elected representatives across the UK in order to support and engage young people. Celebrating the work of great advocacy, communication, and initiatives, the award will also seek to highlight best practice, encouraging politicians to engage in new and innovative ways with young people in their constituencies.

The new award will form apart of the British Youth Council’s Youth on Board Awards scheme which has been celebrating innovative youth participation projects from organisations and individuals around the UK since 2012. Each award is due to be judged by a panel of young people along with sector experts.

The UK Young Ambassadors give young people in the UK a voice at international meetings and events, on decisions that affect them and on issues they care about. Young Ambassadors provide a bridge between young people in the UK and people making decisions around the World. The Young Ambassadors are a team of 12 young people (aged 18-25) from across the United Kingdom with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They reach out to their communities and networks to listen to the concerns and views of young people which they take to international forums and meetings to ensure they are heard at the highest level.
Who can apply?

Young people, youth groups and youth organisations can nominate initiatives carried out by any elected representative.

What can be nominated?

Young people, youth groups and youth organisations can nominate initiatives carried out by any elected representatives listed below.
· Members of Parliament (UK), Members of Legislative Assembly (NI), Members of Scottish Parliament, Assembly Members (Wales)

· Members of European Parliament

· Local Councillors

· Mayors

What initiatives or activities can I nominate my elected representative for?

You can nominate any initiative or activity that you believe shows that the elected representative strives to engage with young people, champion youth voice and make a difference to the lives of young people at a local, national or international level.

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