Youth Vote NI Elections Closed!!

Youth Vote NI Elections Closed!!

Young People from Northern Ireland have put themselves forward to stand in the first ever Youth Congress; as well as for the UK Youth Parliament.

History will be made when young people take their seats on the Youth Congress, which is being run by the NI Youth Forum. It is hoped that the Youth Congress paves the way for a NI Youth Assembly. The Youth Congress will be a place where young people will represent their peers, create social change and to promote youth voice to decision makers locally.

Young People will also be elected to take their seats on the UK Youth Parliament; which provides opportunities for 11-18 year-olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change on a UK wide level.

We are calling on young people to take to the polls and engage in democracy to elect representatives who will effect real change and ensure young people’s voices are heard at all levels.

To cast your vote you must be aged 11-18. You can vote for candidates from the area where you live; go to school / college / alternative education; or work for a minimum of 14 hours per week.

Visit our online voting page to cast your vote:

Just click on your area; look at the candidates; read their manifestos and click the green button to vote!

For more information or assistance please contact Claire.king@niyf or

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