The NIYF is a youth-led organization that lobbies, advocates, promotes, and fights for the rights of young people.

NI Youth Forum’s Strategic Plan ‘Unmuted’ 2021 -2026 tells you about our work and what we would like to do over the next five years.

We have worked hard to listen to young people and hear what they need, especially because of COVID-19 and how this has changed many things. We are really excited about the future and look forward to doing loads of exciting work. We were set up in 1979 and are really proud of our history helping young people to talk to people who make decisions about our lives. (I’ve attached the plan – this could replace the video and put the document in there)



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There are 4 important areas that our work focuses on:

Inclusive Membership:

• Increase our membership • Speak regularly with members • Promote a sense of community between members • To provide both physical and virtual spaces for young people to meet • Provide opportunities to take part in projects, research and campaigns • Provide an amazing leadership project for NIYF Executive Committee • Analyse membership so we can identify areas for improvement • Create opportunities members build skills and experiences • To celebrate members successes

Improving Participation:

• Support the participation infrastructure across the region; sharing practice and supporting young people • We shall continue to work in meaningful ways to ensure that opportunities exist or are created in a sustainable way for young people to have a say. • Report the views of young people in NI to the UNCRC reporting committee • Actively support the development of the NI Youth Assembly • Campaign for the right to vote at 16 • Find suitable ways to supporting children and young people including those facing challenges • Campaign to embed UNCRC in domestic law • Create opportunities for members to build skills and experiences

Real Life Experience For Young People:

• Programmes for those experiencing injustice and discrimination; building capacity and harnessing young people’s power • Campaigning and influencing - developing connections to key influencers and decision makers • Devise a PR and Communications strategy that utilises the power of social media to engage with our members and other stakeholders • Engage young people who are being overlooked by other services • Political Youth Champions group (MLA’s) working directly with our members • Departmental Youth Champions working directly with our members • Public Bodies working directly with our members

Operational Stuff:

Staff We know our staff are important and we want to keep our dynamic; hard working and committed team happy and fulfilled. We want to support our staff to grow and develop and help them achieve a healthy work life balance. We will: • Make sure staff are supported and skilled • Create a staff mental health champion • Involve staff in organisational discussion and decisions