James Begley

James Begley

Acting youth work manager

I represented Northern Ireland in the snooker home internationals event when I was 16.

My names is James Begley and I am 31 years of age

I started employment in April 2022

The main projects that I am currently involved in are the NIHE youth forum project, funded by housing executive and The Thrive young men’s project currently funded by the Tudor Trust.

What I love about my job is that on the daily I get to live out my passion which is having the privilege of supporting and engaging a wide range of young people, with the hope of facilitating growth both on a personal and also a societal level.

I also whole heartedly love supporting and managing Holly (YA) and Shannon (YA) assisting and guiding their professional growth. It is a pleasure for me watching them excel as youth work practitioners and I am excited to be part of their youth work journey.