Paul Dynes

Paul Dynes

Chief Executive Officer

Fun Fact about me is that I sold hoovers in Australia for 3 days when I was 18

Started working at the NIYF in November 2019

I am lucky enough to manage 3 fantastic staff made up of James Lisa and Blair. Our team work on a number of different projects within the larger Housing and Homeless team at the Northern Ireland Youth forum. The programs I am currently responsible for are:

NIHE SLA – Funded by the Housing Executive

The My PLACE Project- Funded by the Housing Executive

Young Women’s Wellness Program- Funded by The Pilgrim Trust and The Henry Smith Charity

Our Therapeutic/Counselling service- Funded by The Henry Smith Charity

The Thrive Project- Funded by The Tudor Trust

What I enjoy about my job is being able to lead an inspiring team who strive to make a positive impact on young people.  It’s fantastic to play a part in this transformative work, as the young people we support face significant challenges. I enjoy nothing better than seeing a young person overcome their struggles and begin to thrive in life. I am lucky I get to support our team and assist them in their own professional development, this is another part of my roll that I’m passionate about.